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Sloan Innovation Period (SIP)

A unique curricular innovation, Sloan Innovation Period (SIP) gives MBA students an intense week of study set apart from the rest of the 13-week semester. Classes offer experiential lessons in leadership and expose students to the groundbreaking faculty research that puts MIT Sloan in a league apart.

The MIT Leadership Center organizes SIP seminars that include real-time simulations, up-close and personal sessions with senior executives, practitioner panels and presentations, skill-building workshops, and self-assessment and reflection activities.

Recent SIP weeks have featured the following courses. Current Sloan students may go to Sloanbid for the most up-to-date listings.

Fall 2014
TitleCourse #Instructor(s)
What’s Your Leadership Style? CS.126 Dr. Martha Sherman, Independent Management Consulting Professional
Obstacles, High Ropes, Leadership, and Teams CS.152 Carrie Sampson Moore, Tim Moore, DAPER Staff
Improvisation, Adaptability and Influence CS.174 Daena Giardella, Lecturer at MIT Sloan, consultant, trainer, and coach
Managing Your Leadership Brand CS.210 Alesia Latson, The Personal Brand Company
Building Story Presence: Using Images and Stories to be Memorable CS.211 Rob Salafia, Founder and President, Protagonist Consulting Group
Diversity and Leadership: Creating and Sustaining an Inclusive Organizational Culture CS.221 CSW Associates
Authentic Leadership: A Strengths-Based Approach to Understanding and Articulating Your Unique Value CS.239 Lindsay Nelson, Amelia Newbury, and Lisa DeAngelis; Authentic Leadership Institute
Cultivating Your Leadership Presence CS.277 Cheryl Dolan, Cheryl Dolan and Associates
Your Leadership Signature CS.278 Lou Bergholz, Founder of Edgework Consulting
Leading at the Human Level: Harnessing the Power of Passion, Purpose, and Dreams CS.279 Lawler Kang, Founder, Passion at Work Partners
Resilience: Stress Tolerance and Emotional Intelligence CS.287 Lou Bergholz, Founder, Edgework Consulting
Resilience @ Work CS.306 Paul Hellman, MBA ’81, Consultant, Author, columnist, and founder of Express Potential
Stories that Work CS.307 Paul Hellman, MBA ’81, Consultant, Author, columnist, and founder of Express Potential
Strategic Leadership for Women CS.308 Erica Dhawan, Cotential
The Best Team: Creating Cohesion in Diverse Teams CS.609 Tracey Britton, Director of Business Development, Edgework Consulting
Leadership Communication for Power and Influence ES.161 Roberta Pittore, Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communication
Improvisation and Influence: An Experiential Leadership Lab ES.174 Daena Giardella, Lecturer at MIT Sloan, consultant, trainer, and coach
The Leader as Artist: Creating to Learn vs. Learning to Create ES.618 Ellen Glanz, Fred Mandell, and Aithan Shapira; Glanz Associates; Creative Catalyst; Independent Artist
Creating an Effective Vision ES.708 Pat Bentley and Christine Kelly; Senior Lecturer, MIT Leadership Center; Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communication
The Resilient and Adaptable Leader ES.709 Joe Ross, HigherEchelon, Inc.
Confident Communication and Powerful Presence ES.710 Cheryl Dolan, Cheryl Dolan and Associates
Spring 2014
TitleCourse #Instructor(s)
Teams Track: The Executive Challenge ES.T01 Pat Bentley, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan
Teams Track: Extreme Bridge ES.T02 Lou Bergholz and Melisa Gillis, Edgework Consulting
Teams Track: Managing Stakeholders Simulation and Elite Team Quest ES.T03 Guy Giffin, Director, Prendo Simulations, Ltd. & Lou Bergholz, Edgework Consulting
Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Employees Who Create Loyal Customers and Large Profits ES.141 Jim Parker, former CEO, Southwest Airlines
Obstacles, High Ropes, Leadership, and Teams ES.152 Carrie Sampson Moore & Tim Mertz, DAPER Staff
21st Century Visual Arts Workshop for Business Leaders ES.160 M. Cooper & S. St. Francis Decky, School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Improvisation and Influence: An Experiential Leadership Lab ES.174 Daena Giardella, Lecturer, MIT Sloan
The Art and Science of Powerful Presence ES.277 Cheryl Dolan, Speech Pathologist and Executive Coach
Jewish Business Ethics: Right Behavior and Leadership in the Workplace ES.600 Rabbi Fisher, SM ’97, Executive Director of MIT Hillel
Introduction to Product Management ES.612 Jeff Bussgang, Senior Lecturer, HBS and General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners
Leading and Influencing Corporate Boards: A Case-Study on Executive Compensation ES.627 Bob Pozen, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan and Harvard Business School
The Leader as Artist: Creativity and Beyond ES.702 Fred Mandell, Author, Artist, Speaker, Creative Catalyst
Neuroscience and Leadership ES.703 Tara Swart BSc, PhD, BM, BCh (Oxon), CEO, The Unlimited Mind
Leadership Lessons Learned in Complex Multinational Enterprise Work ES.704 Shivan Subramaniam, SM ’78, CEO of FM Global
Managing Your Next Career Transition: The First 90 Days ES.706 Shawna Slack, MBA ’98, CEO at Genesis Advisers
Making Successful Business Career Choices ES.707 Ruby Chandy, MBA ’89, President, Industrial Business, Pall Corporation, and Karen Mazer, MBA ’89, Partner, Deloitte Consulting


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