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MIT Leadership Center

Executive Education: A Leading Edge

The MIT Leadership Center brings state-of-the-art research to the front lines of leadership in partnership with MIT Sloan’s Executive Education Programs. Courses allow top professionals from every field to discover new ways to tackle fundamental business challenges.

Learn to:

  • Enhance leadership throughout an organization
  • Manage complex systems
  • Address the challenges of globalization
  • Promote innovation
  • Lead major organizational change
  • Diagnose and solve problems

Faculty at the MIT Leadership Center develop and personally deliver innovative, world-class programs for both experienced managers and emerging leaders. Students combine classroom-based, experiential, and project-focused work to hone the skills that will maximize effectiveness on the job. Custom programs can also be tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Each year, thousands of business leaders come from around the world to attend the Executive Education Programs at MIT Sloan. Learn more about how MIT delivers a leading edge.